Thursday, September 28, 2006

To make happy a woman/man...:)

To make happy a woman/man
To make happy a woman:

You should be only:

friend, partner, lover, little brother, elder brother, father, teacher, educator, confessor, head cook, car mechanic, repairman, electrician, chauffeur, luggage-porter, cleaning man, flunky, wood-carver, model, decorator, sexologist, psychiater.

At the same time You should be:

dear, sporty, bright, powerful, well-bred, definite, gentle, sensitive, romantic, masculine, joyful, serious, brave, energetic, provider, man of ideas, practical, moderate, sympathetic, elegant, obvious,
affectionate, cold-blooded, full-blooded, compliant, fair, giver, realist, rightful, self-sacrificing, peaceful, charmer, loyal, dreaming, careerist, solid and first of all very-very rich.

You must not be:
jealous and worried.
You must like her relationship, but You must not spend more time with them than with her.
You must give the woman freedom, but You must inquire, where is she.
You must be elegant, but get ready at any time to carry her in knee-length dirt. Or get ready to catch and trounce the thief, who has swiped her reticule, wherein there were so important things, as the lipstick and mirror.

You must not forget her birthday, name-day, wedding-day, the jubilee of the first kiss, her periods, the birthday of her best girlfriend.


neither can the adherence of the above offer the perfect safety, because the women can tire of the perfect man, and she can desert with the first guitar player.


To make happy a man:
It is more difficult, because the man need:

- ate
- sex.

It is felt by great number of the women like thraldom. It is very difficult for them to satisfy these needs.


The coexistence will be very good and peaceful, if the man understand, that they must reduce their claims.

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