Thursday, December 21, 2006

Britney's shit city

I really don't understand why happened this shit. A short time ago Britney Spears was a lionized star, and now the people are ostracizing her. Why? Because sometimes she drinks and she likes parties? Or because she has showed us her pussy? :)
Now she has got a very-very big publicity. "Any publicity is good publicity." Now she didn't need to show us her pussy or panties, everybody has listened her without a costly advertising. And now everybody is speaking about her and this event. She doesn't let the people forget her. She has enough money to forget this "accident". Maybe she went to comfort herself - after this shit - to the most expensive restaurant, and she ate the most expensive chow, and she drank the most expensive drink, while the others had a chew at their burger or popcorn, and drank their cola, and they blew for their friends how ostracized Britney Spears.

Britney Spears panties

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1 comments: on "Britney's shit city"

Anonymous said...

It could be that since Britney was a child star who was supposed to be so wholesome, turned into a tramp, married a jerk and is now a single mom with no apparent parenting skills, that could be what turned everyone against her.

Can she return to glory? Who knows, but it will be a long road.