Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sienna Miller's special diet tip...

Celeb news: Sienna Miller's special diet with vodka (photo: socialite's life)

Sienna Miller wants to lose weight, she makes diet with vodka.

SIENNA MILLER adopted a vodka diet to help her achieve a size zero frame for her role in FACTORY GIRL.
The CASANOVA beauty plays ANDY WARHOL muse EDIE SEDGWICK in the new film, and had to slim her naturally svelte figure down even more to play the late junkie.
She says, "I decided to drink vodka instead of wine because it has fewer calories."

Yes, I've noticed, after too much drink, I'm always forgetting to eat. I should lose weight too (not too muchAngry 2), but I don't dare to discuss this kind of diet with my wife :). She is with lucky shape, and she can't understand my problem:). She is always telling me not to eat so much, and doesn't know the new methods of celebs to lose weight with vodka.

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