Monday, January 29, 2007

New Paris video can be seen online

Paris Hilton's new sex video

The Hollywood News:
" More Paris news, and this time more information of just what is on show on the now infamous We posted news earlier on today abot the new erotic video showing Paris flashing her boobs, and kissing a brunette woman, but now more info has been release. The website,, has revealed more about what's on offer at the site."
"It has been reported that Paris has sought legal action to block the website."

And why? The people all over the world can see online her boops or ass or pussy or her sexual life.:) What's up with her? Has she reformed? Or what? Is this the new style? The shyness?

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1 comments: on "New Paris video can be seen online"

Anonymous said...

¡Ululación! No puedo creer que el alfilerillo Pitt daría para arriba Jennifer Aniston. Significo, realmente le consiguen ser una perra para que le consiga lejos de ella.