Wednesday, November 30, 2005

China Urges U.S. to Join Kyoto Treaty

I have red here China urged the U.S. to join the Kyoto treaty Wednesday, rejecting arguments that the pact is flawed because it fails to restrict emissions by developing countries.
They said their country was already cutting the polluting emmisions.
It's interesting, if even China urge USA. Bush said earlier U.S. not to join Kyoto treaty because the industrial development will decrease. And the the polluting emissions is not too large in USA, and the environmental protection cost an arm.:).
That's not to be sneezed at if even China - a communistic country!:) - urged USA.
I have seen on a TV-channel lately, that for example some people in Alaska was very pretty, because lately they can cultivate so flower, as never yet. And the weather is much better, lot's of pan has ran!!! And they are taking delight in this!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bird flu...

China on Wednesday reported its second confirmed human death from bird flu, while tests showed a teacher who fell ill elsewhere in the country did not have the H5N1 bird flu virus.
In fact, I believe (or I trust to science just?) that the medicine factories enlarge the danger. I have red that some of them can't already satisfy the claims, although their medicines can't armor against the bird flu. Our government sounds our vaccine to armor against this, BUT:
where do they know?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Bush in China...

Bush have tryed in China some result to get in religious and political matters. But he have got only some promise. Hu Csin-tao have made few words of Bush's petitions. Supposedly he was very diplomatic, I think he have had a long tongue, but it has happened nothing in truth.

Firefox 1.5!!!

I have heard the Firefox 1.5 to get into edition in this month. Download everybody and use it! I use it in Linux, and it is very useful.


The e-searching is now nearly popular as the e-mail. 60 million American onliners use some searching system. According to the comScore's datas the Google is the most popular one, it have been used in October by 89.8 million people, the Yahoo! Search have had 68 million users, the MSN have had 49.7 million, the Ask Jeeves have had 43,7 million and the AOL Search have had 36.1 million users. The searching is the second beloved e-function after the e-mailing.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Otherwise he is a smiling little boy:

But he doesn't like to get up, and he doesn't like the bad news.


This is my son, when I have told him immediately after his waking, that our government cut the subsidy of the families even with three kids next year (as our family) :

So there!

Friday, November 04, 2005


British department has been maked public some 'X-files'. The documents are about UFO-bulletins. In the 70'th there were about 40 bulletins monthly, and now it's about 50.
I don't know, what about UFO. Sometimes I believe it, sometimes no. And now I don't believe it, because I am very sleepy. It's here midnight, and I am very tired in this week.

The brazil bats

The brazil bats attack the people.
Last month 16 people have died by the vampire-bat in Brazil. They are attacking people at nights. Some people suppose, that it's for the sake of the rainforest destruction.

Prisoners in Europe

By Le Temps one of the states may be Poland, where Al-Kaida prisoners can be guarded to hide them from the international right, and it's stinted them of legal representatives. Amnesty International talks about 'new Gulag'. By the Frankfurter Rundschau USA let torture the prisoners.
I don't know. It's unbelievable for me. I live in Hungary, and I think it can't be hidden from the people, because Hungary is a little country. The people gossip very often about the big bullshits, but I have never heard here about the agonized prisoners not even in whisper news.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


We must write a test-paper about a new law tomorrow, (I'm an officer) so now it's me:

Statistics about politicians

I have red, that the hungarian people don't believe in the politicians. It isn't wonder. Our politicians tell a lie constantly. They take us for idiot, because we must vote the people, who are doing us brown. It may be that they have rights, that's why I will not vote them. It will be better to go to the pub. I will do it so rather:)
I have a good picture for this:


China will build the own space station! The spaceships named Sencsou-8 and Sencsou-9 will fly the equipment, and the Sencsou-10 will fly the people to build the space station.