Wednesday, November 30, 2005

China Urges U.S. to Join Kyoto Treaty

I have red here China urged the U.S. to join the Kyoto treaty Wednesday, rejecting arguments that the pact is flawed because it fails to restrict emissions by developing countries.
They said their country was already cutting the polluting emmisions.
It's interesting, if even China urge USA. Bush said earlier U.S. not to join Kyoto treaty because the industrial development will decrease. And the the polluting emissions is not too large in USA, and the environmental protection cost an arm.:).
That's not to be sneezed at if even China - a communistic country!:) - urged USA.
I have seen on a TV-channel lately, that for example some people in Alaska was very pretty, because lately they can cultivate so flower, as never yet. And the weather is much better, lot's of pan has ran!!! And they are taking delight in this!!!
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