Monday, October 09, 2006

WTO-membership of Russia

The "mediapirates" are still holding up the WTO-membership of Russia. The russian government penalizes with serious sanction the mediapirates, but the government of the USA has came out with concrete claims. They are claiming for stoppage of the webpage, which is causing big damage for the american publisher, it is the requirement of the WTO-membership of the Russia - said a leader governmental congressman on wednesday. The representative of the USTR, Susan Schwab has told the reporters, that the membership is impossible, till the literary property is so badly hurt in Russia. The discussions are recommencing now about the petition for the membership - after 13 years, and Susan Schwab has said, that the arrangement has not too much chance, until the allofmp3 webpage works.
The discussion about the membership has broken in July. It has broken partly for the sake of some agrarian disagrement, and because Russia has not done justice to american claims about the protection of the copyrights. USA has claimed for Russia to make arrangements for the protection of the copyrights on the Internet, against the "pirates". The above webpage is - by USA - one of the top webpage of the pirates.
The next discussion will be in Genf this week. Russia should make an end of this webpage by that time. Otherwise the delegations of the two countries can not come to an understandig for the deadline by president Putin.
By Susan Schwab the USA is disposed to arrangement, the leading ambition of USA is the WTO-membership of Russia. She said, that the pre-arrangements with the russian minister, German Greff augur well, supposing the russian government makes an end of such webpages.
Russia is in low water, because the deadline is coming on, and the pirates are very resourceful. If they have an international (e.g. .com) domain, it is not too easy to end it. I have just now seen the allofmp3 webpage, and it works. It offers for a driblet musical albums. I think the people like it. :)

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