Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Did Harry Reid Steal Nevada?

After a doubtful victory of Harry Reid over Sharron Angle with a margin of 5 points, the part of the preferred Angle lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor of Nevada against her rival Reid showing falsification. He is suspected to have cheated to gain the victory because the preelection showed that Angle was of 4 points advances and later Reid gained a marginal victory. When the vote started, the reports/ratios of the Clark County, which shelters the three quarters of the inhabitants of Nevada, confirmed that the machines to be voted electronic automatically checked the name of Harry Reid. Reports even affirm that Reid was equipping the voters with gifts and baskets and goodies for their support. All are directed by the Reid’s son Rory, which is police chief of the county and is sensitive to such actions. The technicians maintenance of the electronic machines of vote are members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which spent 44 million dollars in this election cycle, whose majority went to the democrats. The same trade union was behind the thousands; inscriptions voters nonvalid and not identified through all the nation. The most anxious part was the 9 points swing for Angle, which is beyond the margin error for the surveys. Rasmussen, one of the arranges most credible of the poll led the front electoral surveys, and rate of participation was very far from waitings.

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